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First, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this wonderful tribute to Larry. I have been amazed at the support and know that somewhere Larry is smiling down on all of us, perhaps with a detailed discussion about the reasons for his happiness being given at the same time.  How I miss our discussions!

As you you can see, we hit our goal--surpassed it. And, as a result, Judy soon will be able to name a puppy in Larry's honor.  How cool is that?!  I know that Judy is grateful for everyone's support and to be able to submit names in Larry's memory. 

And think about the lucky puppy.  Judy mentioned that a dog named in Larry's honor is so likely to be at the top of its class, and it likely will be teaching the other pups on its way.  I am sure she is right.

So, if you have not made a gift and still want to, or if you want to make another, you still can make it online by clicking on "Larry Halfen Memorial."  Just maybe, Judy will end up being able to name two pups, and how sweet would that be?  Maybe the male and female names she has to have readywould both get used....

Thank you!



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